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ECMI Recommendations


The Roundtables and Conferences organized or facilitated by ECMI are
fora for first informal and unofficial meetings between different, and
often opposing, parties. The outcomes of such roundtables and
Conferences are often the first step on the way to an improved dialogue
and  the meetings being facilitated by an institution like ECMI, as
opposed to the governmental level, - often take the form of
Recommendations. Recommendations may function as a guideline to future
debate issues which the various parties agree on. Thus they provide a
basis for further dialogue.

* Evaluating Policy Measures for Minority Languages in Europe
* Spiritual Heritage and Cultural Renewal: Ukrainian Jewry at a
* Implementation of the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the
Protection of National Minorities
* From Ethnopolitical Conflict to Inter-Ethnic Accord in Moldova
* Towards Effective Participation of Minorities
* Chairman's Conclusions (Ombudsman Project)