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The ERRC announces publication of issue 3 and 4/2004 of the quarterly
Roma Rights. Roma Rights 3 and 4/2004 addresses the theme of health

Roma are subjected to medical treatment of inferior quality as a result
of racial discrimination. Barriers of Roma to health care are exhibited
in the systemic disadvantages facing Roma in access to health. Certain
general policies and administrative procedures have an adverse effect on
Roma. Systemic disadvantages are visible in the disproportionate numbers
of Roma excluded from health insurance; the large number of Roma living
in neighbourhoods without health care facilities; the large number of
Roma living in settlements not covered by general practitioners; the
severe underrepresentation of Roma in the medical profession.

Barriers to quality health care for Roma manifest themselves in the
disparate impact of the intersection of race and gender. Discriminatory
treatment based on the compounded influence of race and gender magnifies
the difficulties Romani women face in gaining equal access to quality
health care.

In this issue of Roma Rights, the ERRC presents a summary of a survey on
Roma access to health care commissioned by the Hungarian Ministry of
Health but never published, presumably due to opposition to its
conclusions. These included documentation of structural and individual
influences diminishing the quality of health care provided to Roma and
impairing Roma access to health. Among other articles, the ERRC also
presents the results of advocacy actions on the issue of coercive
sterilisations of Romani women in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as
well as ERRC field research into discriminatory practices affecting
Romani women's access to health care in Hungary.

The table of contents of Roma Rights 3 and 4/2004 follows below, with 
direct links to articles:

Undiagnosed: The Impact of Racial Discrimination on Roma Health
by Savelina Danova/Russinova

Field report
"Gypsy Rooms" and Other Discriminatory Treatment Against Romani Women in 
Hungarian Hospitals
by Rita Izsak

Differences in Access to Primary Healthcare  Structures, Equal
Opportunity and Prejudice: The Results of an Empirical Study

Healthcare Policy and Provision for Roma in Slovakia and the Czech
by James Grellier and Katarina Soltesova

Reflections on the Access of Roma to Health Care
by Ivan Ivanov

Improving Access of Roma to Health Care through the Decade of Roma
by Heather Doyle

The Health of Foreign Romani Children in Italy: Results of a Study in
Five Camps of Roma from Macedonia and Kosovo
by Lorenzo Monasta

Roma in Finland
by Janette Gronfors

Women's rights
Discrimination against Romani Women in Spain: European Roma Rights
Submission to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination 
Against  Women
by Cristi Mihalache

News roundup: snapshots from around europeBulgaria * Czech Republic *
Denmark * Greece * Hungary * Italy * Kosovo * Macedonia * Romania *
Russia * Serbia and Montenegro * Slovakia * Ukraine * United Kingdom

Legal defence
Strasbourg Court Finds Hungary in Breach of Human Rights Standards in a 
Roma Police Brutality Case
by Branimir Plese

Strategic Litigation Undertaken by the ERRC and Local Partners Prompt 
Bulgarian Courts to Sanction Racial Discrimination against Roma

Breakthrough: Challenging Coercive Sterilisations of Romani Women in the 
Czech Republic
by Claude Cahn

Response of the Czech Government Commissioner for Human Rights to ERRC 
Action on Coercive Sterilisations of Romani Women in the Czech Republic

International Concerns about Forced Sterilisations of Romani Women
Prompt Amendments to the Slovak Health Care Act

Written Comments of the European Roma Rights Center to European
Commission "Green Paper: Equality and Non-Discrimination in an Enlarged
European Union"

Human rights education
European Roma Rights Center Roma Rights Summer Workshop 2004
by Larry Olomoofe

Romani language publications
Le Anglune Pan omane Njerimata tala o Nevo Bulgarijako Zakono pa
Egaliteto: Bulgaricko Krisako Akto Peravel e Diskriminacija Kontra le om

Meet the ERRC
by Tara Bedard



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