MINELRES: The Ukrainian Minority in Romania

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I have received this text from the Center for the Prevention of
Conflicts and Early Warning from Bucharest, Romania on August 13, 2004.
It was apparently written on June 19, 2004.

Ionas Aurelian Rus

Policy Paper nr.702R/10 Iunie

Ukrainian minority in Romania – education
1. Number of citizens(2002 census):

Romania: total 21,698,181 – 100%
Ethnic Romanians 19,409,400 – 89,5%
Main minorities:
1. Hungarians: 6,6% with university in native language
2. Romas: 2,5% with special dedicated places in universities
3. Ukrainian: 61,353 – 0,3%

2. Number of pupils in educational system – school and highschools:

- pre-university education includes 23,519 kindergardens, schools,
secondary schools, vocational schools and post-secondarz schools, 2,648
of them – 11,29% function as units with tuition in the language of the
national minorities
- pre-universitary education includes 3,900,489 pupils, representing
17,97% of the population of the countrz. 208,146 – 5,33% - represent
schools in native language education
- primary schools: 1-4 grades : 5,609 units with 990,807 pupils
- middle school education: 5-8 grades: 6,847 units with 1,207,505 pupils 
- secondary school education (9-12 grades): 1,388 units with 740,404
- professional, aprentice, post-secondary schools, creftman school
education: 332,070 pupils

Education in Ukrainian language:

a. full education in Ukrainian
Number of educational units and sections: 10
Number of children and pupils: 685
Number of teaching staff: 53

b. schools with tuition in Romanian anguage where Ukrinian is studies as
a native language
Number of schools: 63
Number of pupils: 7,360
Number of teaching staff in Ukrainean, in those schools: 122

c. preschool education in Ukrainian: 
Number of schools and sections: 5
Number of pupils: 252
Number of teaching staff in Ukrainian: 53

d. Secondary school fully in Ukrainian language:
Maramures conty, "Taras Shevcenko" Academic Secondary School – Sighetul


- All children of the Ukrainian minority are studying Ukrainian as a
native language in schools with all the degrees, up to the university
- 4 univerities financed by the state have section of Ukrainian language
and literature


- Ukrainians live in 8 departments of Romania – Maramures (some 40%),
Suceava, Caraș-Severin, Timiș, Tulcea, Arad, Botoșani, Satu Mare in
descreasing order of the minorities. Only Maramures, Suceava, Botosani
and Satu Mare are at the Ukrainian border. In all the 8 schoolar
inspectorate of these departments there is organize the study of the
native language and an inspector responsible for this kind of study is

- Representative localities with the Ukrainian minority represented:
Sighetul Marmației, Siret, Rona de SUS, Poienile de sub munte, Ruscova,
Crăciunești, Remeți, Copăcele, Zorile, Cornuțel-Banat, Negostina,
Bălcăuți, Șerbănuți, Pogănești, Bethausen, Murighiol, Micula, Știuca,
Lugoj etc.

- On the own demand of the parents, the pupils of the Ukrainian minority
can study on two forms: with tuition in Ukrainian language and Romanian
as a foreign language or with tuition in Romanian and with Ukrainian as
native language – studied 3-5 hours a week suring 12 years. The majority
asked for the second form – the first form could be organised at any
moment on the request of at least 15 parents in a locality ! – this
represents the minimum for a class.

- Teacher training for pre-schools and primary schools – pedagogical
schools in Ukrainian – begin with 1990-1991 year in 3 towns: Sighetul
Marmației, Suceava and Tulcea. An important number of graduates in
Ukrainian are send to Ukrainian universities through the Union of
Ukrainian -  NGO representing the Ukrainian minority, also represented
in the Parliament with one spec! ial seat – like other 18 minorities –
and in the local and regional councils were Ukrainians are represented.

- The manuals are revised twice after 1990 and are published by the
alternative printing houses with the financial support of the Education

- Two new departments of Ukrainian language and literature have been set
up in the universities of Suceava and Cluj-Napoca, besides the already
existing departments at the universities of București and Iași.