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Quoted after: Official Journal of the European Communities, No C 318, 30.11.1987, pp.160-164

Friday, 30 October 1987

9. Minority languages and cultures

Doc. A2-150/87


on the languages and cultures of regional and ethnic minorities in the European Community

The European Parliament,

  1. having regard to its resolution of 16 October 1981 on a Community charter of regional languages and cultures and on a charter of rights of ethnic minorities (1) and its resolution of 11 February 1983 on measures in favour of minority languages and cultures (2),

  2. having regard to the basic principles regarding rights of minorities formulated and approved by the United Nations and the Council of Europe,

  3. regretting that so far, the Commission has not put forward any proposals to implement the abovementioned resolutions which deal comprehensively with the problems of ethnic, linguistic and cultural minorities in the Community;

  4. whereas there are still many obstacles to the full development of the specific cultural and social identity among the national and linguistic minorities, and whereas attitudes towards these minorities and their problems frequently reveal a lack of appreciation and understanding and, in some cases, are based on discrimination;

  5. having regard to the final Declaration of the Conference of the Regions of the European Community and Its resolution of 13 April 1984 on the role of the regions in the construction of a democratic Europe and the outcome of the Conference of the Regions (3), in which it is noted that strengthening the autonomy of the regions in the Community and the creation of a politically more unified European Community represent two complementary and convergent aspects of a political development which is essential to cope effectively with the future tasks of the Community,

  6. noting that regional economic conditions determine the prospects for the expression and development of the local culture so that appropriate measures should therefore be worked out within a balanced European regional policy that starts from a regional basis and is destined to counteract the exodus from outlying regions to the centre,

1. Calls for the principles and proposals set out in its abovementioned resolutions or 16 October 1981 and 11 February 1983 to be fully applied;

2. Points out once again the need for the Member States to recognize their linguistic minorities in their laws and thus to create the basic condition for the preservation and development of regional and minority cultures and languages;

3. Calls on the Member States whose Constitutions already contain general principles concerning the protection of minorities to make timely provision, on the basis of organic laws, for the implementation of those principles;

4. Supports the Council of Europe's efforts to draw up a European Charter of regional and minority languages;

5. Recommends to the Member States that they carry out educational measures including:

6. Recommends to the Member States that they carry out administrative and legal measures including:

7. Recommends to the Member Slates that they take measures in respect of the mass media, including:

8. Recommends to the Member States that they take measures in respect of the cultural infrastructure including:

9. Recommends to the Member States that they take social and economic measures including:

10. Recommends to the Member States that they lake measures in respect of the regional and minority languages that are used in several Member States, particularly in frontier areas, including:

11. Calls on the Member States to encourage and support the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages and its national committees in each of the Member States;

12. Calls on the Commission to:

13. Calls on the Council and Commission to continue their support and encouragement for the European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages by

14. Stresses its determination to ensure that adequate provision is made for action in favour of minority languages and that at least 1 million ECU is entered in the 1988 budget;

15. Stresses categorically that the recommendations contained in this resolution are not to be interpreted or Implemented in such a way as to jeopardize the territorial Integrity or public order of tile Member States;

16. Instructs its appropriate committee to draw up separate reports on the languages and cultures of non-permanent Community citizens, Community citizens living in another Member State from that from which they come, migrants and overseas minorities and points out that each of these groups share many of the disadvantages of speakers of lesser used languages and that their specific problems deserve detailed and separate treatment;

17. Decides that the Intergroup on Lesser Used Languages shall be granted full status as an official Intergroup of the European Parliament;

18. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the Council, the national and regional governments of the Member States, the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Sanding Conference of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe.

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